Washington tries to destabilize Russia by spreading misleading information, says Volodin

Moscow, (ST) - The Chairman of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, affirmed that the United States is trying to destabilize Russia by spreading misleading information about the Corona epidemic and how popular the Russian leadership is at home.

Russia Today quoted Volodin as saying in a statement released by the council's press office yesterday that "today, the United States does not want a strong Russia and is seeking to make it as weak as possible," stressing that the unprecedented pressure US exerts on Moscow and the publication of malicious and misleading information about it, as well as interference in its internal affairs are caused by the fact that the position of the United States in the world is shaken.

Volodin said that China overtook the United States in terms of economic and technological development, while Russia surpassed it in the military-technological field. "Therefore, in order to maintain its hegemony, it has become overstated in its practices towards China and Russia in a way that it couldn’t do in the past”.

The Russian embassy in Washington had asked Bloomberg Agency to apologize to its readers for a news questioning poll about the popularity of Russian President Vladimir Putin; days after the Russian embassy requested from Bloomberg  to amend another article that originally contained false information about Corona in Russia.

Ragha Sawas