US and Turkish crimes in Syria amount to state terrorism: Czech official

PRAGUE, (ST)-  The Trade Union Association of Czechia, Moravia and Silesia (OSČMS) has strongly condemned the systematic attacks and acts of vandalism committed by the American and Turkish occupation forces in Syria, particularly burning  Syrian agricultural crops, reiterating that such acts are state terrorism.

Member of the foreign affairs committee of the association Martin Bich told SANA correspondent in Prague on Monday that these criminal acts are perpetrated amid the spread of Coronavirus epidemic, noting that the crimes committed by the US occupation forces in parts of Syria were directly okayed by the US President Donald Trump.

A recent report published by the International Business Times website has revealed that the US forces carried out orders that were sanctioned directly by President Donald Trump for the burning of agriculture lands planted with wheat in the Syrian  al-Jazira region.

  Also, media reports affirmed that the terrorist mercenaries of the Turkish regime have repeatedly burned wide areas of agricultural land in several villages in Hasaka countryside.

The Czech official, who voiced solidarity with Syria in the face of occupation, aggression and siege, affirmed the need not to keep silent over Washington's attempts to maintain the illegal presence of its forces in Syria, to support terrorism in the country and to hinder the progress of the Syrian Arab Army in the fight against terrorist organizations.

He said that such US and Turkish criminal acts are state terrorism, particularly because they come amid unfair western coercive measures and inhuman siege imposed on the Syrians and while both sides are looting the Syrian national resources.

Hamda Mustafa