Retired Turkish admiral: Erdogan's dangerous policies in Libya and Syria have nothing to do with Turkey's national security

ANKARA, (ST)- President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyib Erdogan adopts dangerous policies in Libya, Syria and the region in general that have nothing to do with the Turkey's national security, retired Turkish admiral Turkar Arturk has stressed, holding Erdogan responsible for contributing to the sabotage of the Turkish military institution.

In a statement to the Turkish Tele1 TV, Arturk provided a new evidence about Erdogan's involvement in using terrorists as a tool to aggravate the situation in the region and achieve his expansionist schemes.

"Erdogan sends the Turkish army to Libya and transports many of his terrorist mercenaries from Syria to Libya to fight alongside extremist groups there," the retired admiral said.

 Erdogan's policies pose a threat to the national security  of Turkey, Syria and the entire region, added Arturk, asking until when Erdogan will continue supporting tens of thousands of terrorists in Syria's Idleb and Libya. He reiterated that the Turkish regime's pretext for interference in Libya has no logical justification.

On Thursday, Spokesman of the Libyan Army Ahmad al-Mismari said that the Turkish regime plans to invade Libya and it continues to send Turkish soldiers to the country. He regretted the UN non-condemnation of the Turkish interference in Libya's affairs.

Hamda Mustafa