Libyan army publishes confessions by mercenaries transferred from Idleb to Libya by Erdogan's regime

Tripoli (ST): Libyan army units arrested a new group of mercenaries who were transferred to Libya, to fight in the ranks of al-Wifaq government's militias,  by Erdogan's regime from Idleb and Aleppo where its occupying forces and several terrorist organizations are stationed.

Media outlets affiliated to the Libyan army published confessions of a number of mercenaries who were arrested on the Libyan territories during their fight with al-Wifaq  government's militias backed by Erdogan's regime.

The detained mercenary terrorists said that they arrived in in Benghazi and Musrata after the Turkish regime had pledged to give them huge financial sums in return for fighting in Libya.

Terrorist Mohhamd Zaidan said that he was transferred from Idleb to Meitika military airport to the east of Tripoli city  which is dominated by al-Wifaq government's militias.


Terrorist Mohammad Eidawi said that he was transferred  from Syria to Turkey through Ghazi Entab and Istanbul where he was flown in a plane along with scores of terrorists to Musrata airport. He was captured by the Libyan army in Bu Salim area near Tripoli.

Terrorist Hamoud al-Marei said that the Turkish regime promised to give them high salaries in return for fighting in Libya.

The Libyan army has disclosed over the past few months the Turkish regime's transfer of scores of terrorists belonging to al-Nusra Front in parallel of several reports released by western media circles that disclosed the Turkish regime's involvement in dispatching scores of terrorists from Idleb and Aleppo northern countryside to Libya.