Russia denounces the OPCW's unreliable report about Syria

Moscow (ST): Russia renewed today its condemnation of  the work of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in Syria, confirming that it has committed flagrant violations of the basic principle of its work in its untrustworthy report about Syria.

The Press office of Russia’s permanent mission at the OPCW said that the experts, who accused Syria of the incidents that took place in 2017, have depended on findings released by the Fact-Finding committee which included many violations of the main principle of the OPCW work that requires the need for a logic succession of events while collecting and keeping substantial evidence.

It described the current accusations by the report’s experts of OPCW as unreliable.

It  added that the new report depends on investigations that were conducted remotely without visiting the places of incidents and it depends on statements made by terrorist groups and the so-called terrorist “White Helmets” organization.

The mission pointed out that the mechanism followed by OPCW did not take into consideration the concerns expressed by member states including Russia which expressed resentment at the manipulation and wrongdoings of the OPCW process of work.


Meanwhile, Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs at Russian Duma Council, Leonid Slutsky said that Russia's recurrent warnings against the transfer of OPCW into a platform for politicization has become a reality.

He condemned the OPCW’s report which includes accusations concerning  incidents that  happened  three years ago, stressing that this matter is not allowed because the committee hasn’t depended on real and logical testimonies or evidences.

Reference should be made to the fact that the OPCW severely criticized two of its experienced inspectors last March because they proved the fallacy of the Organization's report about the alleged chemical attack in Duma 2018 in accusing the Syrian Arab army and justifying the tripartite  Anglo-American and French attack against Syria.