WHO warns against rapid spread of Corona virus in ME

Capitals (ST): The World Health Organization (WHO) called on the Middle East governments to move quickly to prevent the spread of the Corona virus as the cases rose to 60000,  which is double the number last week.
Reuters quoted the WHO regional director in the Middle East Ahmed al-Manzari as saying that new cases have been registered in some of the most vulnerable countries which have weak medical systems.
He added that even the states that have better health system  are witnessing  a worrying rise in deaths and infection cases.
Meanwhile, the Algerian Health Ministry said that the number of deaths resulting from Corona virus reached 86 and the total number of infections to 986.
In Germany, the German Robert Koch Institute for Epidemics said that 2300 employees at the German hospitals were infected with Corona virus. The number of deaths from the fatal virus in Germany rose to 1107 and the infection cases to 84788.
In the US, the Defence Department decided to sack the Commander of the US air crafts carrier Roosevelt after the infection of several soldiers of its crew.
The US Secretary of Defence Mark Esper  denied the necessity of evacuating the air crafts carrier and put the 4000 marines on its board in the quarantine.