Egyptian Parliamentarian: US coercive measures against Syria are part of the crimes perpetrated against it

Head of the Workforce Committee in the Egyptian Parliament and Head of the General Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions Jabali Al-Maraghide denounced the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States on Syria, stressing that they are part of the American crimes perpetrated against Syria and that they should be lifted.


Al-Maraghi told SANA correspondent in Cairo that the American policies towards Syria, its continuous aggression against it, and the crimes it perpetrates against its people, especially the elders and children, are no longer hidden to anyone.

Al-Maraghi stressed that the Syrian leadership, people and army has proven their ability to defeat all the forces of aggression and achieve victories through their strong steadfastness since the beginning of the crisis until now.

Al-Maraghi confirmed the support of Egypt for Syria in the face of aggression and the conspiracy targeting it, highlighting the strong ties between the two countries. 


Inas Abdulkareem