Palestinian Awqaf Ministry calls on the international Community to stop the occupation's attempt to judaize al-Ibrahimi Mosque

OCCUPIED AL-QUDS, (ST)- The Palestinian  Awqaf (Islamic endowments) Ministry has called on the international community to stop the Israeli occupation plans to judaize Al-Haram al-Ibrahimi (al-Ibrahimi Mosque).

In a statement reported by the Palestinian Wafa news agency on Tuesday, the ministry said that the occupation forces have closed al-Ibrahimi mosque at dawn today and prevented the ministry-affiliated employees from entering it.

  The ministry pointed out that within its preventive measures to control the spread of coronavirus pandemic in al-Khalil city, it closed the mosque to visitors and worshippers, but maintained the presence of guards and the ministry's employees there in order to confront any violations by the occupation forces.

 Closing the al-Ibrahimi Mosque is an attempt by the occupation to have full control over it in a plan that may continue to post-coronavirus crisis era, the ministry's statement said.

Hamda Mustafa