Moscow urges G20 states to lift sanctions on global trade amid coronavirus pandemic

MOSCOW, (ST)-  Russia has called on G20 states to put an end to trade sanctions and restrictions around the world as they impede access to medicine, food and technologies and contribute to exacerbating the world crisis amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Sputnik quoted the Russian Minister of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov as saying on Monday at the video conference of G20 trade ministers that "I believe it would be an important common step to reduce restrictions, first of all those blocking or complicating access to medication, food, equipment, and technologies."

 He added that special attention should be accorded to the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has strongly hit the global economy and trade, pointing out that that the G20 should do everything possible to restore the normal operation of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

According to the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, the G20 meeting focused in its joint statement on collective action to confront the destructive impacts of the pandemic on world trade.

Coronavirus has forced most countries of the world, mainly the super powers, to take urgent measures, including a ban on flights, border closures, curfews, lockdowns and closure of universities, institutions and companies to prevent the outbreak of this killer disease.

Hamda Mustafa