Zarif criticizes choosing political interests despite the coronavirus crisis

Tehran,( ST) -  Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has criticized the continuation of the unilateral approach and the choosing political interests despite the coronavirus in light of the spread of the Corona virus worldwide.

 Zarif said in a message on Instagram that "if the outbreak of the Corona virus in the world cannot stop the panting policy for the political spoils, the world and moral values will fail again," adding that the world today fights a common challenge.

Zarif stressed the intensification of work for the success of global efforts to eliminate the Corona virus, noting that the confrontation with this virus is a humanitarian campaign and obstructing this campaign is immoral.

Zarif said that the health system, citizens and the Iranian government are engaged in a confrontation with Corona, as is the case in Europe and the United States, but what makes the suffering of the Iranians more is the ban imposed on the purchase of medical equipment and supplies to counter this virus.

On the twenty-first of this month Zarif affirmed that America practices "medical terrorism" against his country, noting that this prevented taking an effective position in confronting the Coronavirus.


Raghda Sawas