Moscow: Washington should blame itself for the spread of Corona

On March 29, a source in the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the accusative rhetoric of the comments spewed out by Washington aimed at China regarding the spread of the Coronavirus ‘raises confusion.’

The sourced said that the United States should blame itself on this issue because for many decades it was the main driving force of globalization to achieve its geopolitical and economic interests.

“We have been observing for a long time with concern the American military and biological activities that are taking place very close to our borders in neighboring countries and beyond the Caucasus and Central Asian countries bordering China,” the Russia Today website quoted the source as saying in a statement.

The source pointed to the presence of biological laboratories built with Washington funds and with the participation of American experts.

The source indicated that Moscow does not have information about the American role on the emerging Coronavirus, but Washington must answer some questions to clearly answer the question about the source where Zero Patient appeared.

Last week, China confirmed that the US President Donald Trump’s accusations against it regarding the spread of the new Coronavirus are just fabrications ignoring its great efforts and its contribution to contain Coronavirus.

O. al-Mohammad