Lebanese security forces remove tents of demonstrators in downtown Beirut

BEIRUT, (ST)- The Lebanese security forces Friday night removed the tents which had been set up by Lebanese demonstrators at al-Shuhada and Riad al-Sulh squares in downtown Beirut to protest against living conditions, high prices and new taxes.

The Lebanese Interior Ministry said in a statement on Saturday that given the increasing attacks by protestors on public and private properties as well as on passers-by at Riad al-Sulh and al-Shuhada squares, the latest of which involved a foreign country's ambassador, the Lebanese security forces removed the tents of the demonstrators  in these areas.

 On the other hand, protests were renewed in Akkar area in the northern part of Lebanon. The locals of Halba area and a number of protestors organized a sit-in in front of the municipality building to protest against the deteriorating living conditions of the Lebanese citizens.

The protestors tried to enter the municipality building, but the security forces interfere and prevented them.

Hamda Mustafa