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Former Czech PM: Erdogan pursues aggressive policy towards Syria

Former Czech Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek affirmed that Erdogan's regime followed an aggressive policy towards Syria through supporting the terrorist organizations from the beginning of the crisis in Syria.

In an article he published today, Paroubek said that Erdogan's regime also constitutes a danger on the European states' interests.

He added that Erdogan continued to sponsor different terrorist organizations in Idleb, stressing that the Syrian crisis would have ended along time ago thanks to the efforts of the Syrian Arab army, had Erdogan not offered support to terrorists.

Paroubek went on to say that Erdogan was also pursuing an aggressive policy towards Cyprus, Greece and the EU, noting that the Erdogan's danger is similar to that of the Corona virus.


He criticized the EU policy of ignoring the aggressive policies of  Erdogan who is exploiting the Corona virus pandemic to step up his blackmail of the Europeans.