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The US comes third in corona deaths after China & Italy

Washington (ST): The US University of John Hopkins said that the deaths resulting from corona-virus in the US exceeded 1000 making it the third country in the number of  deaths after China and Italy.

France Press Agency quoted the University as saying that  the death cases rose to 1031, while the number of those infected amounted to 68572 people.

A few hours ago, the number of corona virus deaths was 827 according to an outcome published by the same source.


Earlier, US President Donald Trump said that the city of New York  posed the biggest problem regarding combating the virus after the death of more than 200 people in the city as a result of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the US Pentagon said that it suspended all the movements of US military personnel  all over the world for 60 days. The decision came  after the announcement of the Pentagon that the number of infections in the Department of Defense   reached  435 including military and civilian employees.