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An Egyptian politician demands that Erdogan be internationally tried for his crimes in Syria

Cairo, (ST) - The head of the Egyptian Arab Center for Development, Abdul-Samad al-Sharqawi calls for Erdogan's international trial for his crimes against the Syrian people, condemning his continuous attacks on Syrian lands.

Al-Sharqawi said in a statement to SANA that "The head of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is a war criminal who exploits Turkey's capabilities to achieve his goals and interests, stressing that Erdogan's crimes in Syria are enough to prosecute him internationally especially those related to his support for terrorist organizations in Syria and Libya.


Erdogan's regime is a danger to the world and an enemy that threatens the whole region and its stability. Therefore, the countries of the region must unite their efforts to confront his danger, stressing that the presence of Turkish forces on parts of the Syrian territories is occupation and everyone has the right to resist it in all possible ways, al-Sharqawi added.
Al-Sharqawi expressed his confidence that Syria, which has confronted the simulated plots of the region over the past years, will win and purify all its territories of the terrorist organizations supported by the Erdogan's regime.

Raghda Sawas