Russian experts: Turkish occupation forces should leave Syria

MOSCOW, (ST)_ Russian diplomats and military experts have condemned the Turkish regime's aggression on Syrian territories and called for political settlement in Syria.

Russian Ambassador to Afghanistan Michael Kanrovsky said that "the Turkish regime's flagrant intervention in Syria's Idleb has exacerbated the situation there."

"The situation in Idleb requires that all the countries involved in the crisis in Syria assume responsibility to solve this crisis," the diplomat added, pointing out that the Russian air forces are operating legally in Syria and under the request of the Syrian state to provide assistance in combating terrorism.

 On his part, Director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis Alexander Khramchikhin said that President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyib Erdogan wants to achieve his dream in reviving the Ottoman Sultanate, reiterating that Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity should be preserved and the Turkish occupation forces should leave Syria.

Khramchikhin reaffirmed that solving the crisis in Syria is not possible except through political means.

The Russian Orientalist Vasily Kratsov asserted that Erdogan's claims about the goals of the presence of his troops in Syria are contradictory and are nothing but lies.

Hamda Mustafa