Senior Czech Parliamentarian says Erdogan’s regime keeps supporting terrorism in Syria

PRAGUE, (ST)- Deputy Speaker of the Czech Parliament, Head of the Direct Democracy and Freedom Party Tomio Okamura has stressed that the Turkish regime is continuing its spree of killing and supporting terrorists in Syria.

In a commentary he posted on his facebook account on Tuesday, Okamura said the agreement announced by the Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding halting combat operations in Idleb on the current frontline constitutes recognition by the President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyib Erdogan of his defeat, therefore, obliging him to pull out his forces which are illegally present on Syrian territories.

The senior Czech parliamentarian described the remarks made by some Turkish officials on the need to respect human rights regarding events at the Turkish-Greek borders, as “unbelievable and shameful terrible cynicism”.

 He said that the Turkish regime is the party that occupies Syrian lands, supports terrorists and practices killing in several Syrian areas.

On his part, former Chief of Staff of the Czech army, General (Berji Shidivi) stressed that Turkey is a big problem for Europe now, warning that it is using the hybrid war tools against Europe through exploiting the immigrants file.

Hamda Mustafa