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Khoury: US, Turkish and Israeli practices against Syria contradict international law, UN Charter

GENEVA,(ST)-  Representative of the Arab Jurists Union to the United Nations, Elias Khoury stressed that the practices of the US, its followers, the Turkish regime and the Israeli occupation entity against Syria contradict with the international and humanitarian law and the UN Charter.

In an intervention in the UN Human Rights Council’s session in Geneva on Saturday, Khoury pointed out that the policies resulted from occupying the others’ lands, the coercive unilateral measures, supporting and investing terrorism to achieve destructive and displacement goals, are among the most dangerous acts that hinder human rights and sustainable development.


Khoury  went on to say that all these policies are a flagrant violation  of  international and humanitarian law, the UN charter and the rules governing relations between countries stressing that all of them are practiced against Syria by the expansionist Turkish regime, the racial Israeli entity and the US and its followers.

Khoury indicated that the Turkish regime facilitated the crossing of hundreds of thousands of terrorists who came from more than 100 countries across the Turkish borders into Syria to commit crimes of killing, sabotage and displacement there, which forced large numbers of Syrians to leave their areas, as the Turkish regime exploited their situation to blackmail the European and neighboring countries financially and  politically.

He  pointed out that there is great opposition in Turkey against Erdogan's interference in Syria and his support for terrorist organizations there, as he tries to silence anyone who opposes his aggression on the Syrian territories, as what happened in the Turkish parliament a few days ago when a fight broke out between the representatives of the Erdogan Party (Justice and Development) and the deputies of the Republican People's Party, who opposes the aggression of Erdogan's regime against Syria .

During the last two weeks, president of the Turkish regime mobilized all his terrorist mercenaries, armed them with advanced weapons and launched attacks on the Syrian Arab Army positions in Saraqeb and south of Idleb as his soldiers provided a fire cover for terrorists with the aim of restoring the areas which have been liberated by the Syrian Arab army, but all its attempts failed  and the attackers, including Turkish soldiers, were killed.


Amal Farhat