Nebenzya: Terrorists in Idleb continue attacking civilians, Syrian Army has full right to respond

NEW YORK, (ST)- Russia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya has reiterated that terrorists in Idlib continue their attacks against civilians in neighboring areas as well as on positions of the Syrian army and Hmeimem airbase, stressing that the Syrian Arab Army has the right to respond to these attacks.

Nebenzya said in an emergency session of the Security Council on Friday on the situation in Idlib: “The Syrian army is fighting terrorism on the Syrian territories and has the full right to eliminate terrorists in Idlib and anywhere on its territory. No one can prevent the Syrian army from applying the provisions of the Security Council resolutions related to combating all forms of terrorism. ”

He  made it clear that Sochi Agreement on Idlib confirms commitment to the sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity of Syria, indicating that the Turkish side failed to fulfill its obligations under the agreement. He stressed that Turkey must abide by its pledges pursuant to the Sochi agreement.

Nebenzya explained that some countries are still supporting terrorists in Idlib militarily and providing them with qualitative weapons, including tanks, artillery, missiles and drones. He pointed out that Washington's allegations that the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization in Idlib includes non-terrorist militants are untrue.

In turn, China's permanent representative to the United Nations Zhang Jun, affirmed that the terrorist organizations continue to control Idlib governorate and threaten the neighboring areas, which requires continuous fight against terrorism in Syria until all the terrorists in the country are completely eliminated.

Zhang stressed that the solution to the crisis in Syria must be based on respecting its unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity and that the political process must be led and owned by the Syrians in accordance with Resolution No.2254 without any external interference.

Amal Farhat