Russian DM: Turkish soldiers bombarded in Idleb were fighting with terrorists

Moscow (ST): The Russian Ministry of Defence affirmed that the Turkish soldiers who were subjected to bombardment in Idleb governorate yesterday were fighting with the terrorists.

The statement released by the Ministry said that the information passed by the Turkish side did not mention the existence of any Turkish forces in the surroundings of Behon village in Idleb.

The statement added that the terrorists of al-Nosra Front along with organizations affiliated to it deploy in this area from which they tried to launch a wide-scale offensive against the positions  of the Syrian Arab army.

The spokesman of the Russian Presidency Dimitry Peskov affirmed that the terrorist attacks targeting  the Syrian army and Russian forces were launched by terrorists deployed in the areas where Turkish forces stationed.

Earlier, The Russian Ministry of Defence stressed in a statement issued yesterday that the Turkish regime continue to violate Sochi agreements regarding Idleb by offering support to the terrorist groups who attack the Syrian Arab army.