UN urges Saudi regime to respect freedom of speech, release activists and journalists

Geneva, (ST) - The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michel Bachelet called on the Saudi regime to respect freedom of speech and release activists and journalists detained in its prisons.
And experts in the field of human rights at the United Nations recently confirmed that the Saudi regime is using anti-terror laws to violate freedom of expression and silence its opponents, and how much their mouths are in flagrant violation of international law that guarantees freedom of expression.

Speaking before the U.N. Human Rights Council, Bachelet called on Riyadh to release several Saudi women activists, who have been jailed for demanding the reform of discrimination policies".

It is noteworthy that the Saudi regime, according to many human rights organizations, has a black record in the field of human rights, as it continues to arbitrary arrest its opponents plus dozens of human rights defenders and activists  for long periods for criticizing its policies and demanding reforms.

Raghda Sawas