The Israeli occupation advances deep into Gaza Strip and arrests 9 Palestinians in West Bank

On February 26, the Israeli occupation forces arrested nine Palestinians in separate areas of the West Bank.

WAFA News Agency reported that the Israeli occupation forces raided  towns and villages in occupied Jerusalem, Ramallah and Bethlehem, and arrested nine Palestinians.

The Israeli occupation forces continue their aggressive practices against the Palestinians by attacking them in their cities and villages and launching daily arrest campaigns against them with the aim of displacing them, seizing their lands and judaizing them.


On other hand, dozens of Palestinians were injured as hundreds of settlers stormed Joseph's tomb, east of Nablus

WAFA News Agency reported that two thousand settlers stormed “Joseph's Tomb” amid the Israeli occupation forces firing bullets and poison gas canisters at the Palestinians, wounding 20 Palestinians.

On February 26, the military vehicles of the Israeli occupation advances deep into east of Khan Yunis, south of the besieged Gaza Strip.

Ma'an News Agency reported that four military Israeli vehicles entered the village of Khuza’ah, east of Khan Yunis, and began bulldozing lands in the area.

The Israeli  occupation forces advance daily into the Palestinian lands in  the besieged Gaza Strip and bulldoze them to deprive Palestinians of their cultivation and benefit from them  under the unjust siege imposed on them for years.


O. al-Mohammad