Two Russian experts: America violates international conventions by supporting terrorists

Ther Russian researcher Gregory Lukyanov, a member of the Russian Council for International Affairs, said today that the United States’ continued support and arming of terrorist organizations in Syria constitute a flagrant violation of international conventions and laws.

“ If the United States is interested, as it claims, to stop violence and solve the humanitarian situation in Syria, it must first stop sending weapons to terrorist organizations, including ‘ Al-Nusra Front ‘ which is listed on the UN terrorist organizations list,”  Lukyanov said.


He explained that the United States is continuously playing the game of double standard policy in dealing with international issues.

On the other hand, the chief researcher at the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies at the Orientalism Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Boris Dolgov said  that all evidences confirm that the United States continues to support ‘Al-Nusra Front’ and other terrorist organizations with the aim of stopping the progress of the Syrian Arab Army and its liberation of the Syrian territories from terrorism.

Dolgov said that all that the pretexts of the Americans and their European allies to justify their  support for the terrorists in Idlib are nothing but fabricated lies.

Dolgov considered that the continuation of the Israeli repeated attacks on Syrian lands under false pretexts is a violation of all international resolutions that provide for the unity and sovereignty of the Syrian state over its territory.


Inas Abdulkareem