Washington continues to reject all agreements that hinder its hegemony over the world, says Lavrov

Geneva,( ST) - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stressed that the United States continues to reject all agreements that would hinder its domination of the world.

"Moscow is still waiting for Washington's response to the proposal to extend the new START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) without pre-conditions," he said, adding that the ambiguity about the fate of this treaty is a cause for concern

Lavrov indicated that the extension of this treaty would be a logical step to prevent further deterioration of the mechanisms of non-proliferation of missiles and nuclear weapons, explaining that Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed that Russia and the United States extend the START treaty without any preconditions and "we are awaiting a response."

Lavrov warned that Western countries violated the Chemical Non-Proliferation Treaty and interfered with the powers of the Security Council on them.

Lavrov also stressed that the Vienna meeting tomorrow about the Iranian nuclear agreement is an opportunity to stop the escalation process before it is too late, saying that this meeting is an "opportunity, although not 100 percent certain."

Raghda Sawas