Saudi forces renew the breach of the ceasefire agreement in Yemen's Hodeidah

SANA'N, (ST) –The Saudi aggression forces renewed their violation of the ceasefire agreement in Yemen's Hodeidah Governorate, where they carried out a failed infiltration operation at dawn today, targeting a number of areas in it with artillery

A military source confirmed to Al-Masira site that the Saudi forces carried out an infiltration operation on the sites of the Yemeni army and the popular committees east of the city of Al-Tahita in Hodeidah, but managed to thwart it.

The source pointed out that the Saudi forces targeted the kilo 16 area with twenty-five artillery shells.

The military source pointed out that a number of Saudi forces were killed and others injured as a result of the destruction of two military vehicles for them in Sarwah District, Marib Governorate.

Nada Haj Khider