Iranian politicians and intellectuals hail Syrian Army's victories over terrorism in Aleppo

TEHRAN, (ST)- A number of Iranian politicians and intellectuals have stressed that the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab army in Aleppo and its vicinity are strategic gains for Syria , the region and the world and they prepare the ground form more victories over terrorists and occupying forces in different Syrian areas.

Director of the Center for International Relations and Strategic Studies in Tehran Amir Mousavi said in a statement to SANA correspondent that it is the right of the Syrian army and government to liberate all Syrian areas from terrorism.

He said that the Syrian government has proved its commitment to all the decisions made in the Sochi and Astana meetings but the Turkish side has not implemented its obligations yet towards these decisions, rather it continued to support the terrorist groups by arming and funding them and by providing political cover to their terrorist actions.


"All freedom- loving peoples of the world support Syria's right to liberate its territories from the foreign-backed extremist and takfiri terrorist groups," Mousavi added.

Riza Shirawai, Director of the Foreign Media Office at the Iranian Ministry of Culture, on his part, said that Syria's steadfastness over the past years has prevented enemies and foreign backed terrorists in the region and the world from achieving their goals.

Hassan Asadi, an academic and a professor of law, said that the Syrian Army's victories and the liberation of wide areas from terrorism indicates the strong will of the Syrian leadership to face all threats and proves the continuous foreign support provided to the terrorists who pose a serious threat to the security and stability of the region and the entire world.

 Daoud Bor Saht, an expert in Middle East Affairs, congratulated Syria on the Army' victories and on reopening the international highway between Aleppo and Damascus, stressing that these achievements have turned the equation in the region upside down and undermined the bets of some countries who keep investing in terrorism for political agendas.

Hamdas Mustafa