Hizbollah, Palestinian factions condemn Israeli Aggression on Damascus

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Alliance of Palestinian Forces has vehemently condemned the Israeli missile attack that targeted Damascus vicinity last night.

 In a statement on Monday, the alliance said that the aggression confirms the criminal nature of the Zionist entity in the light of the growing capabilities of the axis of resistance which has foiled the American-Zionist scheme in Syria, particularly after the Syrian army's victory over terrorism in Aleppo and its progress in Idleb.

The alliance emphasized that the capabilities of the Palestinian resistance have also confused the Israeli enemy and make it live in a state of worry.


It called on all freedom-loving peoples and forces in the Arab region and the world to condemn the Israeli aggression on Syria.

In the meantime in Beirut, Director of the Palestinian Relations Section in Hizbollah resistance movement Hasan Hibbullah and a delegation representing the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command have condemned the Israeli enemy's aggression on Damascus.

In a statement following their meeting on Monday, the two sides also condemned the Israeli occupation's fresh aggression on Gaza, that left martyrs. They lashed out at the crimes committed by the occupation authorities against the unarmed Palestinian people, referring to the act of dragging and mutilating a Palestinian martyr’s body in Gaza today in front of the eyes of the entire world.

The statement stressed adherence to resistance as the only option, because the enemy understands no other language except force.

Hibbullah reiterated that the Palestinian people's strong will to resist will foil the so-called "Deal of the Century" and the American colonialist schemes.

Hamda Mustafa