Erdogan's intervention in Idlib aims at supporting terrorists, says Czech political analyst

Prague, (ST) - Czech political analyst Alex Schwabrik asserted today that what Recep Tayyip Erdogan's regime is doing in Idlib is a flagrant support for terrorists.

Yesterday, the Turkish Republican People's Party condemned Erdogan's "provocative and dangerous" policies and his support for terrorists in Syria, especially in Idlib.

In a comment published on the Czech site Novinke today, Schwamberk pointed out that Erdogan does not only carry out attacks on and intervene in Syria, but he also sends arms and his mercenary terrorists plus Turkish soldiers to Libya.

Schwamberk stressed that Erdogan's intervention in Libya reflects his ambitions to loot its oil after his failure to fulfill his ambitions in Syria, noting that Erdogan poses a threat because of his attempt to revive the Ottoman state and his  relationship with the terrorist Brotherhood.

It is noteworthy that Erdogan, who is involved in fueling crises in the region, including the crisis in Syria, continues to ignore international efforts to resolve the crisis in Libya, including the results of the Berlin conference held last month.
The participants in the conference underscored in their final statement the need not to intervene in the internal affairs of Libya and that the solution to the crisis must be reached through a comprehensive political process.

Raghda Sawas