Russian DM refutes Turkish allegations regarding displacement of civilians from Idleb

Moscow (ST): The Russian Ministry of Defence denied the allegations made by the Turkish regime about the displacement of hundreds of thousands of civilians from Idleb city  due to the military operations being carried out against terrorist organizations.

Head of the Russian Coordination Centre affiliated to the Russian Ministry of Defence major General Oleg Goravelov refuted the Turkish allegations as groundless.


He added that the Turkish regime was transporting military equipment and lorries loaded with ammunition to the de-escalation zone in Idleb countryside.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defence called on the Turkish regime to stop supporting terrorist organizations and providing them with weapons.

Units of the Syrian Arab army confronted yesterday  a fierce attack by terrorist organizations from many directions on al-Nayrab town to the west of Saraqeb in Idelb eastern countryside, killing and injuring tens of the terrorists and destroying their armored vehicles. The terrorist organizations, on top of them Jabhat al-Nusra, supported by Turkish regime forces, launched the attack, from many axes, on al-Nayrab town, using high fire density, Turkish-made armored vehicles and rocket launchers.