Iran: 11th parliamentary elections session kicks off

Tehran (ST): Voting in the 11th  parliamentary elections session  started this morning co-inciding with the mid-term elections of the expediency amid high turn-out of voters. The leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran Sayyed Ali Khamenei called on the Iranian citizens to cast their votes and choose candidates who have national competences.

About 7157 candidates including 782 women  are competing for 290 seats, while the polling centres are 55000 spreading all over the country. The number of citizens who are eligible to cast their votes in the current parliamentary elections amount to 75 million.


Following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, 10 parliamentary elections sessions have been held. The rate of participation in these elections were among the highest in the world.

The last parliamentary election session was held in 2016  with a wide participation of the Iranian people as the rate of participation reached 60 %.