Jordanian Parliament Speaker: Foreign interference in Syria must stop

AMMAN, (ST)- Speaker of the Jordanian Parliament Atef Al-Tarawneh has stressed the need to stop all forms of foreign interference in Syria and support political solution in the country as to guarantee the unity and integrity of its land.

 the Jordanian Petra News Agency quoted Al-Tarawneh as saying during the 14th  Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean Countries in  Athens,  that "a strong, secure, stable and united Syria is certainly in the service of the entire region,"

He  warned  that adopting  military solutions and keeping the region as a theater for a proxy war will have serious consequences.

 Al-Tarawneh criticized the US administration’s bias towards the Israeli occupation entity and its stance on the occupied Syrian Golan and its recognition of al-Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of “Israel”, pointing out that these practices will cause perpetuation of conflict and tension in the region.

Concerning the  Palestinian cause , he  confirmed  commitment to establishing an independent Palestinian state with al-Quds as its capital and to guaranteeing the  Palestinian people's right of return.

Speaker of the Jordanian Parliament underlined that the practices and crimes committed by the Israeli occupation entity in the Palestinian territories constitute real "terrorism".

He made it clear that ignoring all international legitimacy resolutions, confiscating lands, legalizing settlements, throwing children, women, and elderly people in detention centers, storming sanctities and threatening of annexing the Jordan Valley and areas to the north of Dead Sea are all real terrorism.

Al-Tarawneh asserted that achieving security and stability in the region begins with combating terrorism and extremism and with adopting  a firm and clear stance that compels the Israeli occupation entity to comply with international legitimacy resolutions.

Rawaa Ghanam