Zakharova: Turkish regime should stop making provocative remarks on Idleb

MOSCOW, (ST)- The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned the Turkish regime against making further provocative remarks on the situation in Syria's Idleb.

The Turkish regime's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said earlier on Wednesday that Ankara was ready to tap all of its military capabilities in case of an operation in Idlib. He added that such an operation was only a matter of time as all preparations for it had been completed, Itar Tass said.

Commenting on Erdogan's provocative remarks ultimatums, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said during a press conference on Thursday that "we suggest that Turkey must use 'expert channels' instead of making high-profile statements on Idlib.

She pointed out that Syria has been a sovereign country. "A thing to remember is that the Syrian Armed Forces are on their own soil. This is the main thing. The Syrian army certainly cooperates with the Russian military and servicemen from other countries, but the international community needs to remember this main thing," the Russian diplomat added.

In the meantime, the Russian Ministry of Defense stressed that Turkey should stop supporting the actions of terrorists in  and transferring weapons to them.

During a Security Council meeting on Wednesday, Syria stressed that Erdogan’s outlaw regime continues its aggression on Syrian territories in an attempt to save its terrorist tools. Syria also reiterated that it will press ahead with fighting terrorism until the entire Syrian territory is liberated from terrorist groups.

Hamda Mustafa