Rouhani: Unjust US sanctions against Iran is a terrorist act

Tehran, (ST) -   Iranian President Hassan Rouhani affirmed that the unjust US sanctions against Iran is a terrorist act.

Rouhani stressed during the meeting of the Iranian government that Iran has overcome the part of the sanctions imposed on it, and no one can deny that.

The nuclear agreement between Iran and the international community is still in effect despite all American measures and attempts to abort it, explaining that "the United States has sent several messages requesting dialogue with Iran in this regard, which indicates that Iran is in a position of strength," Rouhani added.

Rouhani said: "We can make Washington regrets its practices towards us and the only way is the unity."

He underscored the need for coordination between the three authorities, the government, the judiciary, and the Shura Council.

Lara Khouli