Rouhani stresses the need for the Turkish regime to respect Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity

 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed today the need for the Turkish regime to respect Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and to commit to the Sochi agreements and the Astana process.

During a press conference in Tehran on February 16, Rouhani confirmed that Idlib is a Syrian governorate, underlining the need to fight terrorism and terrorists in it.


He said that after the elimination of terrorism in the governorate of Idlib its residents will return to their areas.

 Rouhani affirmed that his country exceeded the extreme pressures imposed by the United States and  that the steadfastness of the Iranian people made Washington realize that its policies towards Iran were wrong.

Rouhani indicated that his country would not accept to negotiate with Washington under pressure.

Rouhani pointed out that the facts have proven that security and peace in the region cannot be resolved without Iran's participation.

Rouhani said that the Iranian parliamentary elections scheduled for the 21st of this month will be free and fair.


Inas Abdulkareem