Palestinians demonstrations against ‘Deal of the Century’

On January 28, several Palestinian cities in the besieged West Bank and Gaza Strip witnessed popular activities and marches in protest against the disastrous "Deal of the Century" that aims to undermine the rights of the Palestinian people.

WAFA News Agency quoted a member of the Central Committee of the Popular Struggle Front, Muhammad Alloush, during his protest in Tulkarm-quoted him talking about  the necessity of confronting this disastrous deal.

The participants stressed that they have not abandoned their rights and national principles and will continue their struggle to thwart this deal.


In Qalqilya, the Education Directorate organized a protest against the so-called ‘Deal of the Century’. The protesters confirmed that they would face the conspiracy being waged against the Palestinian people and their leadership.

In the besieged Gaza Strip, thousands of Palestinians participated in marches in protest and rejection of the ‘Deal of the Century’ and raised the Palestinian flag and banners.

The Palestinian National Forces called for the next two days of rage on Wednesday and Friday, and the organization of marches and protest activities in the cities of the West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip, rejecting the ‘deal of the century’.


O. al-Mohammad