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Palestinian Foreign Affairs: The European Union’s attitudes toward the occupation violations are timid

On January 21, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the European Union to take a stronger stance to confront the violations of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinians.

The Ministry said that the European Union’s rejection of the Israeli occupation measures in the Palestinian territory, especially the occupied city of Jerusalem, is a “timid and insufficient step” that comes late.


“ The Israeli occupation’s continued crimes against the Palestinian people through the daily incursions into the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, attacking worshipers, seizing their lands, demolishing their homes, escalating its attacks on educational institutions and intensifying the building of settlement units in occupied Jerusalem amounts to war crimes against humanity,” WAFA News Agency quoted the Ministry as saying in a statement.

The Ministry said that the Palestinian people will continue their struggle to obtain their legitimate rights, regain their lands and establish their Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.


 O. al-Mohammad