Lebanese Red Cross: 75 people injured in clashes between Security forces and rioters in downtown Beirut

BEIRUT, (ST)- The Lebanese Red Cross has announced that 75 people were injured on Saturday in non-stop clashes between the Lebanese security forces and rioters at al-Nijmeh Square in downtown Beirut.

According to the Red Cross 30 injured people were transported to nearby hospitals in the area while 45 injured persons received emergency aid at the site of clashes.

Five Red Cross teams are working in central Beirut to provide medical treatment to the injured.

The clashes erupted after a number of protestors attacked the security forces near the parliament headquarters in Beirut and smashed public and private properties in the area, while the policemen responded by using water cannons to disperse the rioters who used fireworks and stones to launch their attacks on security personnel.

 The Lebanese Parliament's police command denied media reports saying that the parliament's policemen had targeted protestors' tents in Riad al-Sulh and al-Shuhada Squares in Beirut.

These reports are categorically baseless and they come within the framework of incitement against the parliament's security personnel, according to a statement by the command.

In a statement, Lebanese President Michel Aoun called for taking urgent procedures to maintain security and stability in Lebanon.

He also called for preserving the security of peaceful protesters, preventing riots and protecting public and private properties.

Lebanon has been  witnessing  Demonstrations and protests erupted in Lebanon in October 17th,  demanding the improvement of deteriorating living conditions and the fighting of corruption.

 Hamda Mustafa