Palestinian foreign ministry calls on UN organizations to stop Israeli crimes against Palestinian children

OCCUPIED PALESTINE, (ST)- The Palestinian Foreign Ministry has called on the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and all UN-affiliated councils and bodies to put an end to the violations and crimes being committed by the Israeli occupation against Palestinian children and to enforce the international laws that criminalize terrorizing, arresting and torturing children.

In a statement on Saturday, the ministry said that the detention of Zeid Yaseen, a 10-year old Palestinian child from Anin village to the west of Jenin area, is considered a flagrant violation of the International Humanitarian Law, noting the presence of hundreds of Palestinian minors in the occupation jails who suffer the ugliest forms of torture in a blatant violation of international law and Geneva conventions.

Hardly a day passes without tens of Palestinians being detained including children, women, school and university students and even worshippers, said the ministry, calling on the international community  not to deal with the detention incidents as normal acts and to work to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people under occupation.

 Israel floods Gaza agricultural lands

In Gaza, the Israeli occupation authorities also today opened dams collecting rain water in the direction of Palestinian lands east of the city of Gaza , flooding hundreds of dunums of agricultural land.

The incident has been repeated for the third time in one week, witnesses said.

The witnesses, according to WAFA news agency, said that the Israeli occupation has intentionally opened the dams and drained the collected rainwater in the drection of Gaza Strip flooding and damaging hundreds of dunums of land planted with wheat, barley, peas, cabbage, and cauliflower.

 Farmers losses are estimated in thousands of dollars, said the agency.

Last week, large areas of agricultural land in Gaza Strip were also flooded when Israeli authorities twice released the collected rainwater toward the strip.

Israeli drones were also seen spraying farmlands with poisonous pesticides, damaging the crops as a result.

Occupation forces detain a Palestinian woman in occupied al-Quds

The Israeli occupation police on Saturday detained a Palestinian woman in occupied al-Quds, claiming that she attempted a stabbing attack, according to witnesses.

On Friday, the occupation forces detained three Palestinians from Bethlehem in the West bank.

Hamda Mustafa