Iraq: The Withdrawal of the USA forces is a Decision of sovereignty

The Iraqi army confirmed that the decision to withdraw  US forces from Iraq is "a  decision of sovereignty   and includes all Iraqi lands, including the Kurdistan region, as it is part of Iraq."

 The Iraqi Media News Agency quoted the  spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces, Major General Abdul Karim Khalaf, as saying in a statement on Friday  that Iraq submitted requests to the United Nations to withdraw   the USA  forces from Iraq  after its victory over the terrorist organization "ISIS", according to a memorandum presented by former Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari to end the work of the international coalition led by Washington, stressing that Iraq will not have any "financial and political commitment" after that.


Khalaf pointed out that any movement of the international coalition at  the level of air sorties through Iraqi airspace is not carried out only after the approval of the Iraqi government.

He underlined  that  the attacks of  the American forces on the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization units ( PMU)  in the city of Qaim in  Al-Anbar  province last  December and  its brutal  aggression carried out  on January the 3rd  near Baghdad airport, which  led to  the martyrdom of the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani , the head of the Quds forces and Iranian Revolutionary Guard as well as Deputy Head  of the Popular Mobilization forces , Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis,  and their comrades accelerated  the demands to withdraw the USA  forces .

The Iraqi high-rank military official  indicated   that the number of foreign forces in Iraq was less than 6 thousand for the alliance as a whole, while the number of Americans is about 5.000  and their presence was limited to camps, not bases.

He said, "The NATO mission has been in Iraq since the year 2005, and we have informed them of the framework within which they are moving and their presence will be far from building military bases within a new mechanism  which  the Iraqi government prepared for them."

Khalaf had confirmed on Thursday  that Iraq had not given approval to resume the operations of the USA  army in the country, as the Iraqi government announced on Wednesday  its refusal to sign an agreement to keep American forces in Iraq, indicating that it would support the vote of the Iraqi parliament that demands the withdrawal  of the USA  forces from the country.

 The Iraqi parliament voted on january  the 5th  with  an absolute majority on a decision which obligates  the Iraqi government to end the foreign presence in the country after the USA  crimes  carried out  against high-level Iraqi and friendly military headquarters and leaderships.

Rawaa Ghanam