Lavrov: Combating terrorism, finding a political solution to crisis in Syria are among Russia’s priorities

Moscow (ST): Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that combating terrorism in Syria and finding a political solution to crisis in it are among Russia’s priorities.

In a press conference on Friday on the performance of Russian Foreign Ministry in 2019 , Lavrov underlined the necessity of eliminating the terrorism hotbed in Idleb, noting that the start of the constitution committee debates is an important step towards reaching a political solution to the crisis.

He stressed that the Western countries should stop politicizing the issue of humanitarian aid in Syria and hinder the reconstruction process in the country, referring to the cooperation of Moscow and Beijing in the field of offering humanitarian aid to Syria.

He added that actions of Western countries, mainly the US cause instability in the world, saying that the US was trying to make its own logic replace the international resolutions.

The Russian Minister went to say that Russia would continue to offer support  for reconstructing the infrastructure in  Syria and humanitarian aid too, calling on other states to follow suit and positively contribute to this process instead of running behind achieving political interests.  

He affirmed that Moscow was trying to save the Iranian nuclear deal calling on the European states to abide by their commitments according to this deal.

Concerning Libya, Lavrov expressed  hope that the ceasefire would continue and the Libyan parties would reach a viable peace agreement.