Erdogan's regime authorities issue arrest warrants for dozens of soldiers

Ankara, (ST) - The Turkish regime authorities issued arrest warrants for 176 soldiers under the pretext of their association with the Fatah Allah Gulen organization, whom the regime accuses of being behind the attempted coup in July 2016.
The Anatolian Agency, speaking for the Turkish regime, quoted the Public Prosecution Office in Izmir as saying that the arrest warrants were issued against 108 soldiers on active duty, including a pilot and four police chiefs, in addition to 68 former soldiers who either retired or were expelled.

The Turkish system police launched searches and raids in 49 regions to search for the wanted people.
During the three years following the coup attempt, the authorities of the Turkish regime imprisoned more than 77,000 people and made decisions to dismiss or suspend work against some 150,000 workers in the government, the army, the judiciary, education, and other institutions.


Raghda Sawas