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The Iraqi government: We will not sign an agreement to keep American forces

Baghdad, ST- The Iraqi government confirmed today its refusal to sign an agreement to keep American forces in Iraq, noting that it will support the vote of the Iraqi parliament, which demands the ejection of these forces from the country.

Alsumaria News website quoted a spokesman for the office of Iraqi Prime Minister William Warda as saying that "until this moment,  the government is committed to implementing the  parliamentary decision that all  foreign forces must withdraw from Iraq," indicating that foreign forces mean the American and others.

He added: "There is no agreement with the American administration to keep its forces ... and the government on the right track to implement the decision of the Iraqi parliament."

On the 5th of January, the Iraqi Representatives Council voted, by an absolute majority, on a decision obligating the Iraqi government to end the foreign presence in the country after the American crimes against Iraqi military headquarters and high-level Iraqi and friendly military leaders.