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Protests continues in Lebanon

Protests and sit-ins continue leading to closed roads with protesters demanding better living conditions.

The Lebanese National Media Agency mentioned that the protesters closed several roads in Beirut with burning tires, and barriers. Some protesters protested against the entrance of the Lebanese Ministry of Finance in the center Beirut.

Last night, the protesters closed the Ring, Chevrolet and the sports city roads in the downtown.

In the morning, some protesters in Zahleh closed the roads of the Bekaa (Zahleh circle, the high Jdita corner, Saadnayel and Taa’labaya).

The Lebanese army opened some of these roads later.

The gates of the Electricity and Water Company and the Ogero Center were closed In Sidon, and the protesters declared today as “a day of anger and general strike”.

They closed the Elia circle and some roads there, and the Lebanese army opened some of them after clashes.

Besides, most of the internal roads in Tripoli were closed with burning tires and containers.

The protesters also closed the northern Beirut road with burning tires, as well as some of main roads in Koura, Akkar and Halba.