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Revolutionary Guard: About 80 American soldiers were killed in targeting the American base of Ain Al-Assad

Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Muhammad Hussein Baqeri confirmed today that any new evil American action will face a more resolute response.

In a stament today, Baqeri said that the operation targeting the American base of Ain Al-Assad early in the morning confirms the military capabilities of the Iranian armed forces.

For his part, Spokesman for the Iranian government Ali Rabei said that Iran "does not seek war ,  but any other American aggression will face a more severe response."

“At least 80 American soldiers were killed when the Islamic Revolutionary Guards targeted the American base of Ain Al-Asad”, Fares News Agency quoted.

The source added that the attack caused severe damage to a number of drones, helicopters and many military equipment at the base, pointing out that 15 missiles hit Ain al-Assad base and none of them were intercepted by the US Army's radar system.

He pointed out that 100 targets have been identified in the region for America and its allies, and they are under monitoring and observation.

Spokesman for the Guardian Council Abbas Ali Kadkhadai said that the missile attack carried out by the forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Forces on the bases of the American army in Iraq is a legitimate defense against the American aggression, adding that these operations are approved by the UN Charter as well as by international laws.

For his part, spokesperson for the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Islamic Shura Council  Sayyid Hussain Naqawi Hosseini  said that the missile attack is a response to American crimes. "We warned allied countries of America in the region not to allow their lands to be used to strike Iran, as our response will be in accordance with the UN Charter."

"America's allegations about its force and the inability of anyone to penetrate it were shattered by Iran's retaliation", Naqawi Hosseini.

Inas Abdulkareem