El-Sisi: Syria regained its strength and there should be no interfere in its internal affairs

Cairo, (ST) - Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi confirmed that Syria had regained its strength, demanding an end to interference in its internal affairs.

El-Sisi indicated during his speech within the the "World Youth Forum" currently held in Sharm el-Sheikh that some people have interests in disturbing the state of stability in Syria, stressing the need for legal agreements between countries before any state takes any action against another country.

There is no alternative to the national state regaining its status again, stressing that the national armies are responsible for security inside its country, el-Sisi added.

El-Sisi said that some countries use terrorism to achieve political goals, noting that the Arab region is currently suffering from crises and the return of stability to it is in the interest of all.


Raghda Sawas