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Iran's strategy to maintain deterrence successfully implemented, says Hatami

Tehran, (ST) - The Iranian Defense Minister, Brigadier Amir Hatami, affirmed that Iran's strategy to maintain and strengthen the deterrence force has been successfully implemented 

Fars News Agency quoted Hatami as saying in a speech today that "Iran has adopted a system that emerges from the true strength of its people, and therefore the decisions are always taken with the aim of achieving the maximum participation of the people in determining the fate of the country.


Hatami pointed out that the enemies are constantly working to raise their military capabilities according to their tendency to extend hegemony and arrogance in order to exploit  people

The commander in chief of the Iranian army, Major General Abdul Rahim Mousavi affirmedthat the enemies are exploiting the economic and living problems of the people to wage a psychological war against them.

In a statement made today Mousavi added that if the vital and sensitive places in the country were targeted yesterday by shelling and missiles by the enemies, then the hopes and incentives of the people, especially young people are today targeted by media and propaganda shelling, pointing out that the working to frustrate the people means the working for the benefit of the enemy.


Raghda Sawas