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The terrorist organizations in the region were formed with American support, says Larijani

Tehran, (ST) - The head of the Islamic ShuraCouncil in Iran, Ali Larijani, stressed that terrorist organizations and their practices in the region were formed with the support of America.

Larijani said in a speech to the General Assembly of Asian Parliaments, in its 12th session, that the American attempts of hegemony and creating chaos aims at underming the energies of these countries and redirecting them so that these counties don't benefit from them in development, pointing to the advantages of the Asian continent in terms of geographical and demographic location and diplomatic move.

Larijani said that Western hostile behavior, such as the war of tariffs against China, the embargo on Russia and Iran, and blackmailing some countries in the region, indicates that Western countries, especially America, cannot tolerate an improvement in Asia's position.

He stressed that despite these examples of the Western struggle against Asia, the continent will have a leading role in contemporary global developments.


Raghda Sawas