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Sayyed Nasrallah calls on Lebanese People to be Aware of Deceptive Attempts

Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement , Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah affirmed  that the Americans are trying to take advantage of the popular movements in any country in the world to serve their interests, calling on the Lebanese to be aware of this and not to be influenced by deceptive calls including American looming schemes to push Lebanese people towards chaos .

"America and Israel have been blackmailing the Lebanese people in order to get rid of the resistance, but they have failed to achieve their goal," Sayyed Nasrallah said in a speech he made on Friday, pointing out that "Hezbollah is the first obstacle to their ambitions”.

 He  underlined  that national responsibility requires cooperation among all sides to save Lebanon, and what is important is the presence of a government which is able to carry out  reforms and make Lebanon avoid the financial and economic predicament.

Nasrallah made it clear that one of the proposed options  is forming a government based on the national partnership, expressing at the same time Hezbollah and its allies’ refusal to form a government of “one color ” because this proposal is inappropriate and does not help save the country.

Sayyed  pointed out that some of Arab and international media have tried to help the Americans by portraying that the protests in Lebanon are against the resistance which  indicates American absurdity and  intersects with the Israeli  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statements  and other officials that these protests are a historic opportunity to weaken the resistance and obtain concessions in oil and gas, but they will fail to achieve that.

Rawaa Ghanam