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Russian Diplomat and Expert : The US and Turkish Regime Hinder Solving the Crisis in Syria

Deputy Chairman of  the Russian Federation Council, Andrei Baklanov, affirmed  that the overwhelming   achievements realized  by the Syrian Arab Army in countering terrorism contributed to  the return of life to its normal  conditions in Syria except for  the regions in the north as a result of the Turkish invasion.

In an interview with SANA correspondent in Moscow, Baklanov underlined   the importance of the unity and cohesion of the Syrians  to preserve the sovereignty and unity of their homeland, stressing that the Syrian peoples with their deep-rooted  history are themselves  capable of  surpassing   the crisis in their country.

The Russian diplomat added that Syria in cooperation with Russia have proven that they adopted the right policy in  dealing with the crisis  whether in combating terrorism ,  the steps  taken in the reconstruction process Syria is witnessing or  reviving its economy despite the unilateral Western coercive measures imposed on Syria.

In a similar interview, the expert at  the Russian  International Affairs  Council  , Ruslan Mamedov, pointed out that because of the hypocrisy of the Turkish regime and the  United States, which failed to achieve its political goals against Syria, all international agreements and understandings related to fighting terrorism in  Idlib province  are still pending.

Mamedov added that all Astana’s outputs stress the necessity of combating terrorism and liberating all Syrian lands from terrorist groups because any settlement in Syria should achieve its unity and sovereignty over every inch of its land.

Rawaa Ghanam