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The Israeli enemy renews its violation of Lebanese airspace and water

Beirut, (ST) - The Israeli enemy aviation renewed its violation of Lebanese airspace and circled heavily over the southern and coastal areas.
The Lebanese Army Command said in a statement issued today that seven Israeli warplanes and a reconnaissance plane violated Lebanese airspace over the town of Naqura and carried out circular flights over the areas of Beirut, its suburbs and the south, up to the Bekaa and the North, and then all left the skies towards the occupied territories.

The statement indicated that an Israeli war boat violated Lebanese territorial waters opposite Ras al-Naqurah twice; pointing out that the issue of the breach was being pursued in coordination with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon.

Four Israeli warplanes and a warship also violated Lebanese air and water yesterday, in a new violation of the sovereignty of this country.

Raghda Sawas